"Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart."
~William Wordsworth

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Julia Rios figures salsa lessons at her aunt"s dance studio are just the answer to spice up her life after a very public breakup with one of San Diego"s most eligible bachelors. When a tall, handsome Tex-Mex cowboy struts into the studio, the usually cool Julia gets more sizzle than she bargained for when she finds herself paired with—and against—him. Ricardo Montalvo has a one track mind and wants more than to show his smooth moves to the stunning Julia. He wants to buy the dance studio. His motives falter as he gets to know her better. Julia shows the spunk and business savvy he admires, but he also learns just how fiercely loyal she is when family is at risk. Even though the buyout would benefit all of them, it suddenly seems like a lose-lose proposition. As they begin to savor every heated moment—on and off the dance floor—both know what’s at stake. Will they remain in each other’s arms when the music stops playing, or will they give up their song to save family?

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The salsa music wasn’t loud enough, even though the floor vibrated beneath Julia Rios’ high-heeled sandals. She closed her eyes and smiled, not minding one bit the way the backs of her thighs stuck to the uncomfortable folding chair. She breathed in deeply, taking in the beat until her body surrendered to it, and the muted chattering and laughter around her faded clean away.

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The Blue Angels are flying high — and Lieutenant Commander Victor Fontana is the star of the show.

The sexy pilot is an expert at all kinds of maneuvers…and Angela Lopez is a very tempting target. The pretty public information officer has just been assigned to his elite squadron, and she’s got some great ideas for promoting the Angels. Vic’s not too sure about her plan for them to "adopt” a school in each city they perform in, but if it means spending time with Angela, he’ll do his best. Because he’s convinced he’s found his own personal angel…

Watching a tough guy like Vic charm the kids who idolize him is enough to melt any woman’s heart–but Angela knows better than to get involved with a here-today-gone-tomorrow man. Anyone who can take an F/A-18 Hornet up that fast will never settle down enough to suit her. Besides, going up in the wild blue yonder is definitely not her idea of a good time. Until Vic figures out some wonderful new ways to take her higher…and win her heart forever.

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Now that she’s a movie star , Mexican actress Rubina Flores is convinced she’ll never find a man who isn’t simply drawn to her fame and fortune. Then she meets hard working Marco Carillo. The full-time firefighter is too busy for movies–and too sexy for his own good. When he moonlights as her handyman, Rubi can’t deny the desire that sparks between them. But what will happen when Marco finds out his new flame is really Hollywood’s sexiest screen siren?




The wind shifted and a mist of salty waters caught the gentle breeze. Land ho.

Lieutenant Commander Alex Rivera almost smiled, but the familiar scent made him restless, and the thought of land made the muscles in his legs tighten in rebellion.

Think positive. He inhaled deeply. Yes, indeed. Beyond those waters he smelled paradise, offering second chances.

He’d rather be turned out to sea on a lifeboat. For months.

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