Mendoza Communications is an expert source that takes writing projects to the next level of professional and/or creative expression

Your voice matters. Your vision matters.

In the world of the written word, can you effectively communicate your message?

Mendoza Communications can empower you to:
  • effectively communicate your story, vision, mission, voice, beliefs, opinions, goals
  • entertain, educate, inspire, create, enlighten, envision, promote
  • share your vision, express passion, delight readers, connect corporations, boost business


What Can We Do For You?

Types of Projects We Edit & Write

Respecting the author’s voice and vision is our primary approach. Whether you are working on the project of your heart, need help organizing research for your dissertation, need to improve an in-house company newsletter or need articles written for your publication, Mendoza Communications can help. We specialize in:

  • Manuscripts (non-fiction, creative non-fiction and memoir)
  • Dissertations
  • Website content
  • Newsletters and in-house publications
  • Articles (feature/profile/human interest)
  • Promotional material

Types of Editing We Offer

What kind of editing do you need? We assess your project and get down to work once we answer basic questions like:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is the focus of your content, story, or project?
  • What is the main message you want to get across to your audience?

Mendoza Communications can help develop your material from beginning to end. We can brainstorm ideas, proofread for grammar, rewrite material, and ensure flow and consistency.


Our goal: to produce the best possible written product for you.

  • Copyediting (light, medium or heavy)
    • Check for grammar, punctuation, spelling errors, word usage, style, consistency & formatting.
    • Ensure clarity, coherence, light revision. Proofreading and line editing.
  • Substantive Editing
    • Assess a completed written project for tone, slant, accuracy, logic and voice.
    • Reorganize, rewrite or clarify content; track transitions, continuity and cohesiveness.
    • Implement active voice to strengthen sentence structure and significance.
  • Developmental Editing
    • Offer extensive, in-depth overview of material, not necessarily in manuscript form. Brainstorm and develop an idea, storyline or project by aligning writing style, focus, objectives, goals and target audience.
    • Organize material to ensure flow and cohesiveness. Write and/or rewrite content, identifying gaps, suggesting transitions, and deleting material that does not fit tone. Copyedit and proofread.
  • Research & Writing Services
    • We can write articles and specific content for your publication or project.

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